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Why posters?

“It is vital to create art that is accessible” - John Carluccio
Poster art, originating in the late 19th century, has a history deeply woven into both artistic expression and accessibility. In the context of an artist's brand, posters are dynamic tools for showcasing an artist's unique style, capturing attention, and engaging audiences. The inclusion of the work’s title on the poster invites discussions and strengthens bonds with the piece. Moreover, posters offer a more accessible method for a diverse audience to connect with art, providing an affordable and widespread means of bringing artistic expression into people's daily lives.


“I’m rooted in a background of film and photography, so I see this art as my negatives; in musical terms, they are my masters.” - John Carluccio
Signed originals with a certificate of authenticity (COA), are available for purchase upon request. Engaging with collectors who genuinely appreciate the artwork is encouraged. The goal is fostering a meaningful connection between the art and the collector.
To initiate a request, please email at : carluccio(at)cinqua.com